Lisa’s love for makeup formed at a young age in a not so conventional manner. While other girls were playing with various shades of pink Lisa was fascinated by the makeup & hair magic in films like Nosferatu and shows like The Addams family. As Lisa aged, that imagery bled into her ever expanding love of all things glamorous to creepy.
Lisa grew up & began her career in Las Vegas Nevada, fully licensed she crash landed in her first salon job at 24 years old and never stopped learning & growing since.
Her passion has taken her from production sets to photo shoots to fashion shows to being behind the chair and interacting with a wide variety of personalities and talents.
She has a knack for dabbling in many things including modeling & a strong vision when it comes to conceptualizing.
Here you will find it all with Lisa’s Vegas bred perspective on everything from travel, beauty, lifestyle…..and always over toned with a healthy sense of humor.

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