Becca/Jaclyn Hill Champagne collection face palette review and swatches

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I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t want to succumb to the hysteria of champagne pop. But when the original highlighter released over a year ago I quickly learned that it was going to become a kit staple because it truly was a universally flattering shade. 

So when I heard they were going to team up and create an entire collection including a face pallette I might as well have just signed a check and mailed it to Sephora right then and there. 

I grabbed the face palette on a promotion off of the Sephora app (it sold out hours later) & two days later it was at my doorstep. 

So here’s the nitty gritty-

It will officially be available on the Sephora website 5/26 and in store 6/16 2016. It retails for $52 (not bad). The face palette includes three new blushes and two highlighters including the original champagne pop and the new shade prosecco pop.

The packaging is not only beautiful but practical as well, it feels sturdy without being too cumbersome.

From left to right you’re looking at 

  • Pamplemousse (matte)
  • Amaretto (matte)
  • Rose Spritz (shimmer)
  • Champagne pop (highlighter)
  • Prosecco pop (highlighter)

I am rather fair with neutral undertones so I don’t think I’ll have a single problem with any of the shades. They all go on extremely well, they are highly pigmented, blend/wear well and I feel like they can also be layered to create different tones. 

Now anyone that is familiar with Beccas’ individual highlighters are all too familiar with the fact that they have a tendency to shatter and break in the pan for no apparent reason. It has yet to be seen if these colors in this pallette will suffer the same fate. Hopefully they got their shit together on that and fixed that issue.

I’m not exactly sure if this pallette or the colors in it will become a permanent staple BUT with this being such a hot item I don’t forsee them backing off of the moneymaking train anytime soon.

Do I think this is a good pallet for the price? Absolutely. I also feel like these colors could suit many different skin tones and types. What can I say…. the formulations deliver!

And I’m a sucker for cute packaging and pallettes let’s just face it…..

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