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It’s that time again. Here are some of the products & music that have been in heavy rotation:

Lily Lashes in Paris-If you’re familiar with the Ardell demi wispy lashes then think of these as their beefy older brother. I’ve lost track of how many time I have worn & reused these. They hardly show wear & tear and are well worth the money.

Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule-This was my way of easing into the Korean skincare scene and I must say I like it. The texture is definitely reminiscent of snail goo & dishes out a nice glow with continued use. And don’t worry it is cruelty free.

Laura Gellar Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator in Gilded Honey– It’s like golden butter. No glitter all glow.

Egyptian Magic Skin Cream-This vaseline to oil like product help keeps my dry/itchy skin at bay.

Zero Tema BB Cream-It’s no secret that Asian BB & CC creams are by far leaps and bounds better than their US counterparts. This one offers coverage without looking oily or streaky.

Murad Invisiblur™ Perfecting Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 30-Say hello to your new best friend! Sure you can put this on prior to your foundation BUT when you mix with with any foundation (especially thicker ones) and it turns into a whipped mousy texture that won’t alter the formulation or wear of the product. You’re welcome.

Elizabeth and James Black Dry Shampoo-I know, I know……they make an overpriced dry shampoo……it’s probably a gimmick right? NOPE. Ok this shit blew my mind! Amazing scent reminiscent of the perfume, lasts quite a while and delivers like a champ. I have a pretty oily scalp & this nixes it without any white residue and leaves a long lasting scent to the hair. Bathe me in it. I’m hooked.

Morphe G23 Fan Brush-So far this is one of my favorite fan brushes. It’s dense but won’t over apply your target product. Great with various mediums & the fact that it won’t break the bank is a plus.

The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer-Written in the point of view of Amanda, it’s part memoir part self reflection. It definitely made me look at how the simple act of asking can get you farther quicker.

The Haunted Mansion Imagineering a Disney Classic by Jason Surrell- I picked this up at Disneyland during my annual pilgrimage to the park for it’s Halloween festivities. I am a nerd for this kind of stuff. It not only explains the rides various forms and origins but has amazing behind the scenes photos & early renderings/sketches of the park and ride. A really cool read if you’re a Disney history buff.

Justin’s Maple Almond Butter-As my braces saga continues I have needed to find snacks that aren’t too taxing for me to eat. These pouches are filling, easy to eat and portable.

Aquarian Soul + Earth Oils Headache Magic-This roller ball is filled with various oils & uses aromatherapy to help manage head aches. As someone who isn’t really into this kind of stuff I found it pretty effective.

Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield 36mm watch in Rose Gold-I am picky as hell when it comes to watches. So when I finally found this watch in rose gold I immediately bough it. It wasn’t too feminine or gaudy with a classic look….plus it fits my small ass wrists.

HRH Cinderella Leather Choker-I am blaming my choker obsession with the fact that I am a 90’s child. But I couldn’t find a simple black choker that didn’t have some stupid crap hanging off of it (I’m good on that peace symbol bead, THANKS). This is simple and has the look & quality I was looking for.

That mixtape though….

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