Le Evolution-My Makeup & Hair Kit Journey

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DSCF4789I have been doing hair and makeup for over 7 years now. It’s the one thing that I look back and go “Time flew, yet it has dragged ass” because it was and is a hustle. It can be a lot & my kit is in constant evolution. I work on a lot of photoshoots, productions and weddings so being mobile with my products is key. Depending on what the job is will definaetly dictate what I bring to the job site.

When I first started, I can recall feeling a bit lost as to how to execute a proper kit. One thing I have learned time & time again with cases is that you do indeed get what you pay for and condense, condense condense…..

For the first few years I carried a larger heavy clunky caboodle type case with a strap. I recall buying this type of train case on eBay (because thats what all the beginners had) and within a month the lower half broke to pieces, BUT the top half was still usable. Not having the financial means at the time I had made due and carted around that damned thing to hell & back. In hindsight I would advise to anyone to not touch these type of cases. What a waste of money! I quickly outgrew this method (not to mention the toll it took on my back) and went into my next method of madness……. s-l1600

Upright rolling suitcases with various Makeup forever clear makeup bags & a MAC travel vanity case in combination with my Catty bag for nearly all of my hair products. I recall picking up this idea from another makeup artist I met on  a job and to be honest this method served me well for quite awhile. It allowed me to carry a lot in a relatively efficient way. I would hit up my local TJ Maxx and buy a suitcase there then organize my makeup into the Makeup forever bags & the MAC case. I ended up eating through 3 suitcases in over 4 years. Not bad but not good either. As time went on I found that my petite frame grew tired of lugging a tall ass suitcase fully loaded with stuff in and out of my car, I began to carry loads of items I really didn’t need “just in case”, wheels buckling & braking during a job was a major issue and this method just flat out looked unprofessional. As I began to book more higher end jobs with a higher end clientele I knew I needed to once again evolve. I turned to fellow artists I looked up to & began to really watch what they used & how they condensed their kit. And I knew I needed to bite the bullet and invest in a Zuca pro artist…….

MAC Travel Carry All

Makeup Forever Bags & Pouches

I was done dicking around. I knew that this was something that needed to be done. My 2 major hang ups were the size & price. It was smaller than what I was used to; therefore I assumed I would have to majorly compromise my kit and was it REALLY worth the $300 plus price tag?? One day I was on a bridal party job with a fellow artist who has his shit together. I wandered over to his set up & began being nosey. After talking to him I went home that night and began researching the best way to go about obtaining what I needed. I went on eBay to entertain buying a used one but knew that for $100 more I could obtain a new one with a lifetime warranty. Doing what I do I am eligible for some pretty descent discounts. Which led me to Inglot Cosmetics. Once I found out my pro discount got me 20% (the most I had found I qualified for) off the case I went to my nearest store and picked one up. I went home and began the transition……and was pleasantly surprised. After taking out multiples of items & condensing the product herd I had made everything fit perfectly. I then put my Zuca lunch box I got earlier in the year at Naimies to work in conjunction with the case. It. Is. Glorious.

P.S. I still use that damned Catty bag.

Below is my current system. It does change depending on what a job calls for but the photos below show what is in my kit & how I organize it the majority of the time. They were taken fresh out of my kit, so nothing is altered……..

Catty Bag-It is hard for me to break away from my trusty Catty bag. It holds my entire hair kit with irons/small blowdryer and has been beat to crap. It does have a shoulder strap that I tend to utilize & in a pinch I have used it as a set bag.

Zuca Pro artist-So this is how I usually carry my kit. On top of the Zuca is a pin box & the Zuca lunch box…….

So here is what the front flap looks like. Here you can find various wipes, oil blotting sheets, straws etc.

These are all from The Container Store, I use these to organize all of my eye/lip pencils and disposables.

Here are 2 of the Makeup Forever bags that I never parted with. These contain lashes and pressed compacts.

So the Zuca came with 5 pouches & I was surprised by how much fit. There is a method to the madness I swear!

Here is another longtime gem from The Container Store. This contains any pin, hair tie or clip I may need.

This is the top view of my Zuca lunch box where I keep my brush belt, extra supplies & my Dany pouch. The lunch box is insulated which comes in handy for preventing makeup meltdowns during the summer months.

When it comes to my set bag I adore the OnDgo 103 On Set Large Clear Bag. Its large with so many handy compartments. I use this the most on production sets.

I hope this can help someone that was as lost as I was. Even to this day I am learning and changing as I go!



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