Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara Review

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When I heard that Marc Jacobs was coming out with a new mascara I was pretty pleased. I dug the O!Mega formulation so I was eager to try it ASAP.

It Retails for $26.00 at Sephora.


  •  The wand is killer. Its tapered in the middle & really grips the lashes.
  • The formulation does what it says and is VERY black.
  • Stays on rather well for about 6 hours of wear before I experienced smudging.
  • Comes off pretty easy with remover.
  • A few coats will do the trick (3 is the recommended amount).


  • Its not waterproof. So I did get a bit of smudging toward the end of the day.
  • It weighed my lashes down/took the curl out.
  • It is a very wet formulation, I prefer dryer ones (to prevent previous issues listed above).

Overall it did what it said it would: create dense/ voluminous lashes. But the wet formulation and heavy result just didn’t make the cut for me.

I’m still faithful to Tartes Lights, Camera, Splashes and L’oreals Voluminous Volume Building Mascara in Waterproof.



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