YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick Review 

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Fall is here. And adding a few different colors to your makeup wardrobe can’t hurt. I find the easiest way to do that is with lipsticks. Today I’m reviewing two colors from YSL, I chose a more neutral everyday color (9 rose stiletto) and a brighter vivid color (19 fuchsia) for when I want to dress it up.

9 Rose Stiletto

19 Fuchsia


  • The lipstick will last you a while. One swipe and that’s all you need for full coverage, opaque color.
  • As with all YSL products the packaging is fab.
  • Wears well. It is definitely more longer-lasting with lip liner.
  • Smells lovely.
  • Comfortable


  • I feel like you could find comparable colors and finishes in other brands for less money.
  • Formulation has a tendency to really stick to dry patches on the lips. I highly recommend laying down a primer or moisturizer on lips.

So do you need it? No. But it is a great lipstick. It is hard to top the packaging & how comfortable it is to wear. The colors also translate well for Spring too. Overall I give it a 7.5 out of 10.

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